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Tivisiy is a one-stop destination for creative artwork, home decor, gifts and more that helps everyone, anywhere, create their brightness and happiness of daily life. But how did we get here? To learn more about Tivisiy, visit shoptivisiy.com

In 2021, tivisiy started with a good selection of jewelry, including turquoise and sterling silver rings, earrings and necklaces focusing on western/cowgirl style. Back then, we used a website builder for our website and started as a small team with only 3 people.

We defined our website as a fast-growing baby. We are young but we grow so fast, that our team growth is not able to keep up with our sales growth. And it all started with our relationship with HiPark. We were first attracted by their fascinating products with amazing detail designs. We tried out several products and they became so popular online. Thousands of comments under our social media posts saying how amazing these pieces are.

We are also a big fan of HiPark's idea. It is about raising awareness of wild animals and their habitats. They also made their commitment of donating 1% of their total revenue to non-profit organizations at the end of the year to help wild animals and the environment.

These lead to our long-term relationship with HiPark and we are the first retailer to get their newest arrivals. With HiPark, we grew faster than ever, made it to a team of 32 people with more than 1 million in sales revenue and we are still on our fast track of business growth.

To bring our customers more interesting and meaningful products/artworks, we launched our nightlight collection, crystal collection and upgraded our jewelry collection. We aim to bring more joy to your life, to make tivisiy your life-long friend and to give back for a better world.