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All stories begin that summer, the summer of 2018. Tina comes to Greece for a holiday because of some unhappiness at work, from the dazzling beaches to the warm welcome of the locals. For a time, she forgot her job. Everything was unpleasant and I was totally integrated into the local area.

In the evening, Tina went alone to a bar on the island and was attracted by people wearing local clothes and various jewelry. At this time, the staff handed out rings handmade by famous local craftsmen to the customers present. The staff said the bar owner was a craftsman. I hope all those who come to relax are less stressed. "People should live for themselves and for freedom", this is a national spirit and a cultural heritage. But these accessories are generally not cheap in the local area, so Tina is just buy a ring, the price is $50.

Back home, Tina thought about it for a long time. She wants to pass on this charming national culture, so that everyone can be qualified to own this exquisite jewelry. So she convened her good friends to create a jewelry outlet store - Tivisiy, combined with her own supply chain and channel resources. After a year of hard work, Tina showed her works, which were quickly sold out. Tina knew how to use high-quality products and services., so that more people can easily enjoy a better quality of life, which is the original intention of the tivisiy brand. Consumers can buy high-value, high-quality jewelry at affordable prices.

Then she was inspired: the pieces were not just jewelry. They will take the wearer on an exciting journey by boat, and the wearer will lead a life of unfettered freedom, making fashion and ethnic jewelry a way of life. One is to enjoy the little things in life, slow down and enjoy life to the fullest.